I feel like a lost little girl; plopped down somewhere in a corner, arms wrapped protectively over her knees, wiping her nose on her sleeve, and watching the world swirl around her through tear-stained eyes.

10 Reasons Why I Am Single? I lied (well, kinda). Yeah, if I actually had someone right now, I wouldn't want them anymore-- no one is up to my standards lately. But at the same time, I feel so alone, and I just want someone to sit around with. Not even cuddling, I don't think I care so much about that right now-- just someone to babble to, someone I can play on my computer around, someone I can exist in the same room with, be myself, and still feel comfortable.

Maybe I'm contradicting myself? I want someone but I don't... I like being alone, but I hate it. It feels as if my heart has a wide, gaping hole in it, and even I can't seem to fix it. Will I ever meet someone I'm totally satisfied with? Will I ever meet my equal?

He's out there somewhere...

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