I was hiking through a clearing in the North Woods when it happened. At first, I heard the crackling of branches nearby. I feared it might be a grizzly bear, and that I would have to fight or run, but then I saw two humanoid hands separating the brush, as the creature entered the clearing.

It was Bigfoot. At least seven feet tall, bulky and broad shouldered, thickly covered in earthy brown hair. But a bipedal primate in shape -- and those eyes, some intelligence clearly sparkled behind them, some eternal desire to communicate.

Slowly the creature approached me, as if curious -- I don't know exactly why, but I was unafraid, and stood my ground until Bigfoot was just a few feet away. Observing the creature this closely, I had a sudden realization. "You're a girl, aren't you," I exclaimed.

The creature, understanding my comment, grunted and nodded in assent. And then, as if by a force of nature stronger than our wills, our lips flew together and we embraced, wildly, passionately, with no care in the world, each kissing and licking at the other's mouth. My hands groped under the matted hair of her furry bosom, finding a thick nipple, to which I immediately moved to sup. She moaned with a primal delight. Joyfully, I discovered that she was lactating, and I nursed greedily from the wild milk of her untamed breasts.

We made love in the green grass that day, and for several days to follow. I told her of all my hopes and dreams for life, my deepest desires and secret fears. She grunted and made some gurgling noises, stroking my hair as though I were her chinchilla. But inevitably, undefiably, the tug of civilization called me back. She understood, grunting and gurgling her sentiment as I packed my supplies to begin the long, lonely trek home.

But, on that fateful trip, I impregnated Bigfoot. I know that even to this day, my Bigfoot children run happily in those woods, free and happy and waiting for the happy, happy day that their father will visit.

The End.


This story was inspired by Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter, which is available on Amazon.com, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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