My Morning Jacket is a band from Louisville, Kentucky. You might categorize them as being alt-county rock with a bit of a psychedelic touch. The members include:

Jim James - singer / guitar
Carl Broemel - guitar
Two-Tone Tommy - bass
Bo Koster - keyboards
Patrick Hallahan - drums

The lead singer has a Neil Young sound to him only better. Their music is hard to describe but creates an unbelievable mood. It's the kind of music to play alone at night while looking at the stars. Their live shows are fantastic. My Morning Jacket takes their songs and cranks them up to eleven to produce an amazing, jam-filled wall of sound. This has gained them the attention of some very big names.*

Their albums include:
It Still Moves
At Dawn
Tennessee Fire

Chocolate And Ice
Heartbreakin Man
My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style

*Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters / Nirvana fame is a very big fan.

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