Also a song by the Ink Spots and the first song ever recorded by Elvis Presley, as a gift for his mother.

Luckily either Sam Philips, head of Sun Records, or his assistant Marion Keisker heard potential in this recording, and the first superstar of Rock 'N' Roll was created.

The recording was thought lost until the late 1980s, when it turned up at a friend's house - apparently Elvis had left it there one day and everyone had forgotten about it. The track can be heard on the Complete 50s Masters box set or on the most recent release of Elvis' Sun Sessions - the double CD Sunburst, both on RCA/BMG.

The song itself is unexceptional - just a standard love song of the period based on I-vi-IV-V changes and with the usual blue/through/you rhymes, but the 18-year-old Elvis turns in a performance of remarkable ability.

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