This was my Grandmother's name, Mrs. Bernice Hoover. I say it was her name because in October of 2000, my grandmother died. I'm not a doctor, nor do I know anything medical, but she died of some sort of lukemia. Before she died she took various medications, finally she was started on chemotherapy. All her hair fell out and my family bought her a wig. Just as the placebo started working, she went into the hospital never to emerge alive.
While she was alive she managed to do almost everything. Basically, she is my inspiration to do everything that I do. She was born in 1917, went to college at Juniata in 1925, went to graduate school at Syracuse and the University of Pittsburgh. May I remind you that most women didn't attend college at this time, let alone graduate school. During her life she taught the blind and the deaf, rose a family, taught school, taught Sunday School, visited prisoners in a local prison to share the Lord's Good News, and took pride in everything that her offspring did.
You see, my grandma had six grandchildren. Each one of us were "As good as gold" as she used to say. We could do no wrong. This present school year will be my last, as I graduate in a few weeks. For my entire high school career, my grandma would talk to me about my classes, she'd ask me about my college choices. She told me that her only wish was to see me grow up. Unfortuantely, she died before I was accepted to a college. Now that I have been accepted, there is any empty feeling inside of me. Although my grandma will still see me attend college (I know she has to have a place in heaven), she died not knowing how my life would progress.

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