The noder who originally explained this has pulled an asamoth. I am merely recreating his node from memory, (and adding a little from a google search).
Wow! I can't believe I have the honor of recreating this node! MR. T ATE MY BALLS was the meme to end all memes. It inspired many copycat memes such as CHEWBACCA ATE MY BALLS, NATALIE PORTMAN ATE MY BALLS, and even such E2 specific things as EDB ATE MY BALLS. But MR. T ATE MY BALLS was the original.

Mr. T stands there looking thoughtful: "I sure could go for some BALLS right now."

Mr. T is about to punch some poor fool in the face: "GIMME YOUR BALLS FOOL!"

Mr. T with an mmmm good look on his face: "DAMN. Them balls is GOOD!"

Mr. T stands there with his hands on his hips: "I pity the Fool who don't like BALLS!"

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