Second issue in Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural comics. Published by Apex Novelties, San Francisco. Cover price $1.

In the cover Flankey Foot goes, "Mr. Natural! What does it all mean?!". Mr. Natural replies, "Don't mean sheeit..."

Inside stories are as follows:

  • Mr. Natural does the dishes
  • Mr. Natural and Flankey Foot in "A Gurl in Hotpants"
  • Mr. Natural and Flankey Foot in "Sittin' around the kitchen table"
  • Mr. Natural in "the Girlfriend"
  • Two ol' hippies *
  • Mr. Naturalists *
  • Mr. Natural in "On the Bum again (part two)"

    Note. The stories marked with an asterisk were not labeled originally, and I have named the stories myself. If you would happen to know any real titles to these stories, please let me know.

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