Another in a fine line of alcoholic beverages engineered to keep a person both drunk and awake, making their workday all the more bearable.

What you need:

What you do:

Pour the alcohol into a tall glass with ice, such as a collins, then add the Dew and stir. Now add just enough grenadine to add flavor and color. The drink should be a light red, almost orange. If it's too red, you'll only taste the grenadine, and the artificial citrus flavoring of the Dew won't come through.

Let me reword that with better formatting: Too much grenadine will ruin this or any other drink! Just a dab will do, unless you're working for a stingy bar or something.

A friend of mine had a cube of Dew left over from a party and, being the type of person who can't stand the saccharine qualities of most sodas, couldn't get rid of it. I introduced this to him as an option where the soda's sweetness is complementary of something, rather than singular and overpowering.

This drink is now a staple at HoL games nationwide, from what I understand.

Bottoms up!

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