At 18,513 ft (5642 m), Mount Elbrus is the highest point in both the Caucasus Mountains and in Europe. It lies just north of the main Caucasus watershed, in the Russian Republic or Kabardino-Balkaria. It has twin summits. The east summit was first climbed by the Kabardinian Killar Khashirov in 1829 who was being employed as a guide by a Russian army scientific expedition. The western summit, slightly higher, was only ascended in 1874 by a Balkarian guide, Akhia Sottaiev, who was working for a group of foreign climbers -- three Englishmen, one Swiss.

While many people may indeed think that Elbrus is in Asia, they are wrong. Geophysicists who study plate tectonics place Elbrus entirely within Europe. Being the tallest mountain in Europe, Elbrus is one of the seven summits.

In 1997, a specially-modified Land Rover Defender drove up the mountain to the summit.

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