With most models, you can get them to sit there still, or turn their head and look at you so. In essence, they are part of the art. Perfectly controllable, a living still life.

Mother Nature is not a good model. Her moods can alter from at one moment being a billowing cloud to an ominous thunderhead. Mother Nature has teeth, that can do far more than shine when she smiles at you. It is impossible to persuade her to stay in one place. She constantly surprises you with an image, and then snatches it away before the lens can point in the direction. She is never the same on two days. This can be a good thing, full of sunrises. However, if you were expecting to see her again as she was last week, she will never be the same again. One week a hillside can be covered with wild flowers, the next week it has turned to the gold of dry grass. The babbling brook that you saw the week before has become a muddy mess.

Even though she is not a good model, she is the most beautiful of all. Never a day goes by without seeing something that makes me long for my camera. It could be a paticularly majestic sunset, a red sky with clouds painted orange, hints of stars in the sky as the indigo and violet advance on the horizon. Or a foggy day, where all of the colors of leaves on the hillsides leap out in millions of colors that weren't there the day before, and won't be there the next day. A full moon shining over a field of snow and icicles, glittering diamonds in the night.

You can never catch her in the same pose again.

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