Mortal Pongbat is an obscure Macintosh shareware game. It is also the most addictive game in the world. I am not quite sure whether at this point, I should pay the shareware fee or send a bill.

Mortal Pongbat, like the name suggests, is a Pong clone. It is also, as the name suggests, violent. Take a moment and savor the outstanding genius it must of taken to make Pong, the most benign, simple, and non-violent game out there, violent. The base of Mortal Pongbat is the same as Pong's, score a goal. In Mortal Pongbat, though, you get to blow the crap out of your opponent by shooting him with a laser.

The other dimension that Mortal Pongbat adds is multiple balls, and powerups. The of the powerups, there is: Larger laser, add a ball, drop a ball, make a ball a mine, temporary invulerability, and a random velocity change.

Although this game may not be well known, it is extremely addictive. It is the sort of game, not unlike the original Pong that you can play with a friend for hours at a time, or, if no friends are available, the AI, which is OK, but easy to beat once you figure out it's secret. It is also the type of game that may make you kill your friend after he Pongalities you for the fifth time running. Not that video games inspire violence or anything.

It was written by David Hipsobfield. (email me if that is spelled wrong..)

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