No, this isn't where people are sent after failing the ASVAB: it's a real air base located in Spain, near the city of Sevilla and not too far from the naval station at Rota. Pronounced mo-roan. Moron is used by both the Spanish Air Force and the United States Air Force as part of a base-sharing agreement signed in 1953.

The base housed B-47 bomber aircraft during the 1950's heyday of the Cold War, when Moron was a base of the Strategic Air Command. In 1966, the SAC officially moved out and Moron became a base for USAFE reconaissance aircraft, but they only stayed for three years before the base was again downsized and given a lone combat support squadron.

Moron languished in obscurity until 1983, when Spain decided to let the U.S. base some of its KC-135 tanker aircraft there. The next year, they signed an agreement with NASA to use the base as an emergency landing facility for aborted Space Shuttle missions.

The base is now used for both tankers and cargo aircraft flying between the United States, Europe, and the Middle East: it may see greatly increased traffic in the near future if Dubya decides to kill Saddam Hussein.

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