In reality, it is Steve Moraff, who started producing many fine shareware games back in the day (mid '80s). Other than the Breakout clones, Pinball, and Flygame, their games are mostly turn-based, and all feature what in their time was considered stunning or at least outstanding graphics. Formerly known as Moraffware.

Among them:

  • Moraff's Revenge (1988) -- Their first RPG, one of the earliest 3D, first-person perspective RPGs.
  • Moraff's World (1991) -- A beautiful extension of Revenge, with much finer graphics (now supporting SVGA), much more detailed gameplay. This version has many new monsters and items, an amazing fractal landscape, a vast number of massive dungeons, and several continents to explore.
  • Moraff's Dungeon of the Unforgiven -- Another RPG, never seen it.
  • Moraff's Entrap-- Not sure I got this one right. But this is a fun 3-D puzzle/maze type game with a vast series of squares suspended in space before you, which you can dig or fill in or jump over at will, and robots of varying intelligence chasing you.
  • Moraff's Flygame -- A simple, free demo. You navigate a plane up and down a fractal landscape and try not to hit any mountains.
  • Moraff's Stones -- Based loosely upon the Moraff's World universe, you are a trader playing a sort of trading/gambling game, in which your goal is to get a full set of precious metals or jewels. Quite intriguing.
  • Moraff's SuperBlast-- A Breakout clone with all the bells and whistles.
  • Moraff Pinball-- A pinball machine on your computer. Nothing terribly revolutionary about this one either.

Those are all DOS-based. I highly recommend Moraff's World. They run perfectly under FreeDOS or any DOS 3.x compatible operating system.

Today, Moraff Games may still be found at, and sells non-violent puzzle games for Windows (since 1995). Orders can be called in at 1-800-VGA-GAME

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