A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 32-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1975 and 1979.

The MicroMoog (also known as Model 2090) is a scaled down and inexpensive version of the legendary MiniMoog.
For sound generation the unit offers a single temperature regulated VCO. It features a 5-octave range and variable waveform which can be "morphed" in real time. Usual (fine) tuning controls are available, and there is also a sine-only sub-oscillator.
A 24dB/octave reversible VCF is included as the filter. It doesn't self-oscillate, but can produce ring modulation effects. Both the VCF and the VCA have their own AR envelope generators.

Other features include a ribbon pitch bend controller, a modulation wheel, sample/hold and glide.
An "Open system" S-Trigger interface is included for expanding the unit, and third party MIDI/CV retrofit kits are available.

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