Monkey Kombat, or that's the second worst node I've ever seen!

This is a fighting game you must play in Escape From Monkey Island. Guybrush Threepwood, in order to escape from Monkey Island, must learn Monkey Kombat from the local monkeys and use it to fight Jojo Jr. the talking monkey for his bronze pirate hat. Read on to learn how it works.

A warning to all ye scurvy-ridden pirates! Spoilers ahead for those who have not yet attempted to Escape From Monkey Island (TM).

Disclaimer: This info is based solely on my experiences in the game. I am assuming that the rankings and codes listed apply to everyone and that there aren't any more codes that do the same thing. I did not try all 64 combinations.

Update: Apparantly, the codes for Monkey Kombat are randomly generated, so you won't be able to use the codes I list here, but this should give you a good idea of how to play.

Part One: The Stances
There are five stances in Monkey Kombat. Like a game of rock paper scissors (actually, more like a game of rock paper scissors spock lizard,) one stance can defeat another and the one who is in the losing stance loses health. Note that the transitive property does not apply to Monkey Kombat. The five stances are:
For instance, Anxious Ape defeats Bobbing Baboon ( AA > BB ). All the relationships are:
  • AA > BB
  • AA > GG
  • BB > CC
  • BB > DM
  • CC > AA
  • CC > GG
  • GG > BB
  • GG > DM
  • DM > AA
  • DM > CC
I suggest you draw this as a nice little pentagram, with arrows and a little path down the middle so you get that two-level effect...

Part Two: Changing Stances
You thought this was going to be easy, didn't you? The trouble is, you can't just pick the stance you want, that would be too simple. In order to change stances, you must type in a three letter code that corresponds to the basic sounds in the monkey tongue. They are Ack (A), Eek (E), Oop (O), and Chee (C). A three letter combination will either change your stance or result in a foul (with a penalty.) For instance, saying Ack Eek Oop (AEO) will change your stance from Bobbing Baboon to Charging Chimp or vice versa. All the codes are:
  • AEC: AA <--> CC
  • ACO: AA <--> BB
  • OCE: AA <--> DM
  • AOC: AA <--> GG
  • AEO: BB <--> CC
  • OEA: BB <--> GG
  • ECA: BB <--> DM
  • AOE: CC <--> GG
  • OAE: CC <--> DM
  • EAO: GG <--> DM
This also arranges nicely in a pentagram. Also, don't forget that you can use AAA, CCC, EEE, or OOO to keep your current position. This can be useful if your opponent changes to a weaker stance than your own, and you don't want to switch on your turn.

Part Three: Gameplay
You and your opponent start out in the same stance. It is your opponent's turn first. He says one of the three letter codes and should change to a different stance. After he moves, the fighter with the weaker stance loses health, measured by a row of bananas. It is your turn. You say one of the codes, and do one of three things: 1. Change to a stance that either defeats that of your opponent, or is defeated by it. 2. Change to the same stance as your opponent. In this case a draw is called, and both fighters are given time to stretch and they both assume a new stance. 3. Your code is invalid. This can happen because you used say, AEO (which will switch you between Charging Chimp and Bobbing Baboon) when you were in the Drunken Monkey stance. This can also happen if you use any random code, because there are 64 possibilities for the three letter codes, while only 10 are valid. If you use an invalid code, it is a foul, and you are given a penalty and you forfeit your turn. Fighting continues in this manner until someone runs out of health bananas and loses.

After you defeat Jojo Jr. in Monkey Kombat, you are awarded the bronze hat. You do not need to use your Monkey Kombat skills until you fight The evil Ghost Zombie Demon Pirate LeChuck ... but can you ever really defeat LeChuck?

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