When the Mongols began the conquests across Asia, the Asian Minor and eventually to the outskirts of Europe, before they sacked a city, they usually asked for one-tenth of all the city's inhabitants to be their slaves. If they refused or resisted in any way, the entire population was slauightered to the last child. Afterwards, if the city still existed, the people are forced to pay large amounts of tribute to the Khan every year or else they would return to sack the city. It was in this way that the Mongols managed to strike fear in the hearts of everyone in that era. Baghdad, a thriving city of commerce and the arts and one of the great cities of the world at the time, was torched. It never recovered from the blow. The entire Asian Minor region was destroyed by the Mongols and millions were possibly killed (even nowadays that is a huge number, in those days that meant genocide).

Worse was the treatment of captives by the Mongols after they razed the city. The children were killed outright. The adults however, had more exquisite methods of torture waiting for them. They included:

  • Being roasted in cooking oil
  • Impaled on stakes
  • Trampled by hordes of horses
  • Dragged along by the Mongol warriors' horses
  • Ripped apart by horses (they had a thing with horses)
  • Boiled in water
  • Tied in sacks and savagely kicked to death

    And that's just to name a few. The Mongols really had no qualms about slaughtering thousands of innocents for their own bloodlust.

    When any great Khan died (e.g. [Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan), to keep the location of his burial secret, the procession killed everyone that they came across on the way there. They left behind a trail of beheaded corpses the entire way (it was a long ride too).

    It was these kinds of atrocities that made Mongol cruelty was famous throughout the world. Mothers in Europe used to scare kids by saying that Genghis Khan will come after them.

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