There's a few cheap thrills hidden in this trashpile somewhere, so it's almost worth wading through the scum to see this low end filmic abomination. Actually, cinematically it's no worse than typical Z-Grade trash cinema like the Troma Team or Frank Henenlotter churns out, but it's reality based in content.

Throughout the movie, the camera follows an innocent looking blond girl in jeans and a pink top as she wanders around in a nonlinear exploratory tour of some of New York's more extreme manifestations of the urban nightmare. It certainly doesn't stand up as any kind of plot; this character is basically a nonsmoking form of the voyeur posing as host/hostess exemplified by Francis B. Gross in the "Faces of Death" series. The good thing is that this film is a little more artistic and creative than other mondo movies in terms of what it gives the viewer a glimpse of. Here's a rundown of what you'll see (Spoilers, but it's a mondo movie - so who cares!)

Slutty Woman singing a song called "Marylin Monroe" - This is a poorly shot live music video that doesn't always sync up. You get to see some sweaty crotch if you manage to sit through the horrible song.

Joe Coleman - One of the more interesting performers. Joe does his stage routine of biting the heads off mice, then igniting a large amount of explosives strapped to his chest. He's somewhere between funny, horrifying, and irritating, but he's hard to ignore and seems to be genuinely disturbed and dedicated to his own brand of weirdness.

Quad and Fat chicks in art scene - A wheelchair bound man with some serious form of nerve disease (parkinson's disease?) sits naked and moaning incoherently in front of an audience while nude women straddle him. Creepy.

Street Comedians in Park - Two ghetto stand up comics do a whole bunch of dated racial stereotype jokes. To be fair, they know how to work the crowd, but it's just so familiar sounding that it gets really boring. Fast forward.

Junkie - Guy shoots up. Big deal.

Voodoo ritual - Is this authentic? It seems to be. A voodoo priest bites the head off a chicken while a bunch of women smear the blood on their faces and dance around. Whatever.

Asian guys auctioning women - this seems to be faked or staged. Boring.

Cock Fighting - Just what you'd expect. A bunch of inner city Latino types strapping razor sharp talons to a couple of roosters and letting them fight 'till it's over. The birds get hurt badly, but neither dies on camera.

Poet Rapist - A weirdo poet accosts the blond girl in an alley and recites a vulgar diatribe on the nature of word as sexual weaponry. Quite good if you like this sort of thing.

Bald drag queen singing funny song - This is a total throwback to that crappy 80's new wave/punk look. It's all outrageous and shocking baby! Blah. This is only funny when you realize that some dudes were doing this for real back then. Ever seen pictures of the band "Army of Lovers"? You get the idea.

S&M Club - Nothing more and nothing less. Not much nudity though, so it's hardly worth watching.

Little Red Riding Hood? - A woman dressed like a fairy tale character hits a dead donkey with a stick while reciting sociological prose. I wonder if Tom Green has seen this.

Easter Woman - She covers herself in egg, then sparkles. Then she does a long, shrill, spoken word piece about "the man"! Annoying, but admirable and gutsy.

Lydia Lunch - a brief introductory poem about New York. Window dressing, basically. Not memorable.

Drag Queen singing a Beatles song - Big deal. Oh yeah, the same dude sings a song called "Fish out of Water" that sucks too.

Mosh Pit - They actually thought that was badass and worth filming for shock value back then.

That's all I can remember for now. I dunno. Can I recommend this? It's really only for people who are seriously interested in the whole performance art movement, and even then it's pretty dated and light looking stuff in comparison with the whole reality based TV culture we live in now (ie: Jackass, Tom Green, etc.) If you're into sleaze and all the Ilsa movies are out, maybe give this one a try if you're desperate.

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