i love this time of day. Each evening, for maybe two minutes, the world *is* gold. I sit at my computer, waiting for the gilt to fall upon the world. My window faces west, to the setting sun, and it's a clear view out to the horizon. Each evening, the sun hits this point in its setting and the world burns with a living fire. Each leaf on the tree outside my window is golden. Somehow, even though light usually stays outside, the radiance enters this room in that few moments and the walls, the mirrors, even the massive piles of junk all over here are just alive with this pulsing, living, burning, golden glow. the crystal hanging in the top of the window catches the glow and throws brigher golden sparks out atop the deeper liquid gold. It lingers just a minute or two, then fades till the next evening. This is what i live for, what peace i get in the hectic days. This is what i live for, these moments of gold.

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