A villain published by Marvel Comics. The Mole Man first appeared in Fantastic Four #1 in 1961.

The history of the man who became known to the world as the Mole Man is unrecorded. Born with a stunted form and ugly appearance, the man was constantly the subject of taunting and derision. Though he endured it for many years (even getting an education as in nuclear physics), the constant mocking finally proved too much for the man and he sought escape. Having read extensively, the man believed that there was a subterranean world at the center of the Earth (possibly believing some type of hollow earth theory). The man attempted to gain access through an entrance he believed existed somewhere within the Bermuda Triangle. Eventually, the man washed up upon a previously uncharted island within the Bermuda Triangle, which he named Monster Island and gained access into a network of underground caverns. Believing he had finally found relief from the mocking and the solitude he so highly desired, the man shouted for joy. Unfortunately, his shouts caused a cave-in, injuring him and trapping him within the network of caves.

Over the next few years, the man learned to control the underground dwellers, who are known as Moloids. He also developed the ability to "see" using a radar-like ability. The Mole Man also discovered and mastered technology that had been left in the caves by an offshoot of humanity known as the Deviants. He also was able to learn to control a group of gigantic monsters that the Deviants had developed but abandoned. With his giant monsters and his army of Moloids, the Mole Man set about to gain his revenge upon the surface dwellers who had so mistreated him. To this end, he used his giant monsters to begin attacking the power plants of the world. This brought him into conflict with the Fantastic Four who were able to bring an end to his plans. He later attempted to begin a nuclear war between the United States and the U.S.S.R., which the Fantastic Four prevented.

The Mole Man came into conflict with the Fantastic Four on a number of occasions as well as other heroes from the surface world. As well as battling those from above, the Mole Man came into conflict with others who wished to be master of the subterranean world. The Mole Man battled the villain Tyrannus for mastery of the subterranean realm, a battle that ended up involving both the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk, defeating him for a time. He also had a relationship with Queen Kala, who leads a group of Atlanteans who lived underground.

Eventually, the Mole Man attempted to live at peace with the surface world, but the actions of the billionaire Alden Maas and his attempt to tap the magma core of the Earth for power brought the Mole Man once again in conflict with the surface world. Of late, a battle between the Moloids and another race of underground dwellers the Lava Men has seen the Mole Man kidnapped by his people's opponents.

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