A thirteen episode video series, released in twelve volumes in 1991 and 1992 in Japan, Gundam 0083 takes place three years after the Earth Federation/Zeon conflict known as the One Year War.

The Earth Federation's forces want to return to their pre-One Year War military might, and to this end, have started a secret Gundam Development Project. In October of UC 0083, the Federation assault carrier Albion delivers two prototype mobile suits to the Torrington test base in Australia. The suits are the RX-78GP01, the Gundam Zephyranthes, and the RX-78GP02A, the Gundam Physalis. Both suits were developed for the Earth Federation by Anaheim Electronics, who has sent along their engineer, Nina Purpleton, to aid with testing.

The Physalis is designed specifically for nuclear warfare, despite the fact that nuclear weapons have been declared against the rules of war by the Antarctic Treaty. At the Torrington test site, it is no sooner loaded with a live nuclear warhead, when it is stolen by Zeon Ace Pilot Anavel Gato, who has been waiting for his chance for revenge since the end of the One Year War.

Unfortunately, mobile suit pilots are in short supply at Torrington, since it was only a test facility. Test pilot Kou Uraki is suddenly forced to go into battle with little experience, but he soon finds that the Zephyranthes is a more than capable mobile suit. Kou and his team are able to thwart Anavel's original getaway plans, but Gato is still able to take the Physalis into space. The assault carrier Albion follows it into space, hoping to take back the Physalis, as well as preventing the Zekes from delivering it's horrific payload...

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