Released as 47 episodes for television in Japan, This was the first of a trio of alternate universe Gundam spinoffs. In many ways, this series is a sort of parody of the Gundam ethos, with many scenes being more light-hearted than the traditional sci-fi, war-oriented One Year War as well as the Universal Century period of the Gundam timeline. In many ways, this series feels more like a Street Fighter game or like Dragon Ball, and it's hokey, yet strangely engrossing.

G Gundam takes place in Future Century (FC) 60, which is 60 years after the inception of the Gundam Fight. In this universe, the upper class of each nation has taken to space in colonies, however the Earth is not forgotten, but instead becomes the battle ground for the Gundam Fight. Each country sponsors a Gundam, as well as it's pilot to enter a tournament which is held every four years. The country which wins the tournament is given control over the others for the next four years. The rules for the tournament are as follows:

  1. Damage on the Gundam's head results in immediate disqualification. Killing and wounding caused in error during the competition are permissible.
  2. Never attack an opponent's cockpit.
  3. Gundams which are damaged on any part of the body except the head may repair the damage as often as necessary and continue to compete.
  4. Gundam Fighters must protect their own Gundams at all times.
  5. All battles are one-on-one confrontations.
  6. Gundam Fighters must not damage nor mar the honor or digity of the nations they represent.
  7. The ring for each battle is the whole Earth. Gundam Fighters will not be prosecuted for destroying buildings on the Earth during the competition.

G Gundam tells the story of the 13th Gundam Fight, and of Neo Japan's Gundam Fighter, Domon Kasshu. His father and brother worked on the Ultimate Gundam Project, the product of which was the Devil Gundam. When the Devil Gundam took over Kyoji, Domon's older brother, and fled to Earth, the authorities of Neo Japan cryogenically froze Dr. Kasshu for creating the terror. Using the guise of a Gundam Fighter, Domon heads to Earth with both the intent of winning the tournament, and destroying the Devil Gundam.

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