A club in St. Louis located on Laclede's Landing. This club's focus is music, live music, from real bands (non-cover bands). Usually gets some of the smaller national touring acts and occasionally some of the larger local acts. The music is definitely more mainstream than The Galaxy's style.

Walking in, along the wall to your right will be a large bar. Along the wall to your left will be a smaller bar. You have to walk down the left or right side of the room because there are railings in the middle. As you walk into the room you might notice there are several levels to the room with a step difference in height. So There is a slight descending action toward the stage. On the far wall is the stage. Right in front of it is a small dance floor/pit.

I like the layout of this club. You can see most of the stage from anywhere in the club and it is small enough where even if you are at the back of the club you really aren't that far away from the stage.

I had a brush with fame here, I met one of the guys from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy before their show. This was back before they were big, I don't think too many people really recognized them. I was standing there with some friends and The Kid walks by so I pointed him out to my friends. He overhead it and came over and said hi. Of course I couldn't think of anything cool to say, so I just said something like, "Wow, I really like your music".

Other bands I've seen here River City Rebels, The Impossibles, A New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Wheatus, Harvey Danger, SR-71, and Reverend Horton Heat.

Update This place is scheduled to be torn down to make way for a casino ramp. This sucks! While they don't always get the kinds of bands I want to see, they still have one of the best setups in St. Louis, from the fan in the crowd perspective. Lots of spots where you can be and still see the band.

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