Wishes are things that children make. Unlike prayers which are merely answered, wishes come true. Wishes come on the first star of the night, or birthday candles, or the clock reading 11:11, or running a yellow light and knocking on the windshield, or blowing away an eyelash that fell on a cheek.

Miss Wish teaches the children with the most severe motor and communication disorders at Jellyface's school. They have processing disorders that garble language when you speak to them. They have motor delays - some three year olds can't throw a ball yet. They have headaches and medicine side effects that they can't communicate to the outside world. They can have tantrums until they throw up or injure themsleves. Their parents are some of the most tired, depressed people you could ever meet.

Miss Wish is beloved because she is an excellent teacher, but also, I think, because sending your child to her is like getting an extra wish for your child who needs all the first stars of all the sunsets for a thousand years.

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