A rather goofy video game for the Nintendo 64 system, put out by the brilliant minds at Treasure, the same guys who brought you Dynamite Headdy and Gunstar Heroes.

Plot Synopsis: At some indiscriminate time in the future, the renowned Professor Theo and his robot bodyguard, Intergalactic Cybot-G "Marina", visit the planet Clancer, a world inhabited by the Clancers, cloud-shaped space aliens with perpetually frowny faces and suprisingly cheerful demeanors. The Clancers are sort of in the middle of a civil war, what with the Evil Emperor (who lives in a monolith, for some reason) recruiting Clancers to join his army so he can conquer the universe. For some reason, the Emperor wants to meet Theo in person, so he calls upon his elite bodyguard, The Justice Knights, a trio of anthorpomorphic animals who wear goofy outfits and pilot shapeshifting giant robots, to kidnap Theo. The Justice Knights are:

Lunar: A trigger-happy jackal who wears red armor and carries a really big gun. He pilots the wolf/motorcycle mecha Cerberus Alpha.
Taurus: A super-macho ape-man who wears yellow armor and likes to pose. He is in command of the ape/tank mech Sasquatch Beta.
Merco: A chivalrous bird-man who wears blue armor and wields a lance and shield. He controls the eagle/hovercraft mech Phoenix Gamma.

Anyway, Marina has to rescue the Professor, fight the evil army of Clancers guarding the Emperor, and do all sorts of heroic stuff like that there.

Game Mechanics:
Marina has a pretty interesting way of dealing with her enemies: grabbing, shaking, and throwing! You, the player, can make Marina grab her enemies, shake them down for gems (red gems allow you to continue if you have enough, blue and green gems give you more health, and the special gold gems, one in each stage, allow you to view a secret ending), and/or then throw them! Marina can also grab onto "Clanballs" scattered across the levels, and throw herself from these to reach high places.

My Thoughts:
Like a lot of other Treasure games, this is a basic side-scroller with a few interesting twists. The story isn't exactly an epic, but the jokes are pretty funny, and the limited voice acting isn't too bad. If you like Treasure's other games, you'll probably like this game.

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