Despite being young, attractive, and an actress, Mischa Barton has not yet caught the public's eye to any great degree thus far--more than likely because at present she is simply too young. Born 24 January 1986 in London (although she lives in Manhattan and has done so for years), she took to the stage at the New York Theatre at the age of nine, and has continued in theater and film more or less since. Her most visible role to date (or at least, the only one I've actually seen her in) was as Kyra Collins in The Sixth Sense--those of you who, like me, didn't pay attention to the credits, or don't remember the characters' names, may remember her as the "throwing-up girl." (Though she did quite well in the role, it obviously didn't give her a chance to look her best--I almost feel naughty and lecherous when looking at her better pictures. Of course, it doesn't help that I first became aware of her through the fact that her picture on the cover of the box for Frankie & Hazel looks almost exactly like a young lady of my acquaintance whom I had a crush on at the time.) Those of you who watch girly movies (if I may be politically incorrect for a moment) may also recognize her as the "11 year old American starlet" in the Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant vehicle Notting Hill.

There are a few websites devoted to her, one of which,, seems to be unofficially official.

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