Miracle Ecstasy is the name of the finisher of professional wrestler MEN'S Teioh, charter member of Kaientai DX. Sometimes referred to as the Miracle Ecstasy Bomb, the Miracle Ecstasy is a sort of combination chokeslam/powerbomb into a pinning predicament.

The Miracle Ecstasy can be performed in a variety of ways. The way that I've seen it done most frequently is for MEN'S to grab the victim by the neck, and perform a normal chokeslam, except that instead of slamming the person to his side, MEN'S slams his victim forward. The victim will then wrap his legs around MEN'S' body, in a bodyscissors move, though this is a part of the Miracle Ecstasy, not a reversal. The ending position is not unlike the guard position in shoot fighting. Alternately, for those who have seen Kurt Angle apply the triangle choke, it would look similar except that Kurt Angle would be the victim and both of his legs would be beneath the attacker's shoulders. The move can also be performed using a double choke, or sitting out.

The Miracle Ecstasy is probably best known for its odd name, though in Japan, it is not unusual for moves to have names evoking more ethereal, mythical, poetic imagery. The Stardust Press, Shooting Star Press, Phoenix Firebird Splash, Thunder Fire Powerbomb, and Space Flying Tiger Drop all follow this convention. Similarly, the tag team of Dr. Death Steve Williams and Terry Gordy was known as the Miracle Violence Connection.

In all probability, I think that the name Miracle Ecstasy can be chalked up to the Japanese habit of somewhat arbitrarily stringing English words together. However, in searching the net for supplemental information about this move, I found a poem entitled The Shadowy Waters by William Butler Yeats. It is listed as a "dramatic poem", which, as far as I can tell, is effectively like a short play, but more poem-y. In this poem, the character Forgael speaks of finding some sort of solace and meaning at the end of the world:

Where the world ends
The mind is made unchanging, for it finds
Miracle, ecstasy, the impossible hope,
The flagstone under all, the fire of fires,
The roots of the world.

Forgael finds no relief in drink and pleasures of the flesh, opting to sail to the end of the world on a mystic quest given to him by voices of those beyond the grave. His crew is displeased with his eccentricities and plots mutiny. One could make an analogy between Forgael and The Great Sasuke, with Kaientai DX representing the mutinous crew, but that's a topic better addressed in the Kaientai node.

Chapter The Shadowy Waters of Narrative Poems by W. B. Yeats. http://www.bibliomania.com/0/2/332/2435/28339/1.html

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