Minims is Tom Weller's first book, published in 1982, and subtitled "Man Is The Only Animal That Wears Bow Ties".

Written and Illustrated by Tom Weller
Copyright 1982 by Thomas W. Weller
Originally published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston
ISBN 0-395-32938-8

minim ['mInIm] n: a statement expressed in proverbial or sentential form but having no general application or practical use whatever — compare MAXIM.
The book contains 54 minims, each accompanied by an illustration in Weller's inimitable style. The complete book, with the pictures, is online at

A few examples include :

I thought it might be fun to collect additional minims from the E2 community, so if one comes to you /msg me and I'll add it to the list below.
  • It is always darkest before it gets lighter. - avjewe
  • Clothes dress the man. - avjewe

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