"A science fiction thriller from the producer of Hellraiser I and II, MINDWARP is a non-stop spiral of action and suspense."

Uh, no. But that's the blurb on the box from this 1991 film release from Fangoria Films starring Angus Scrimm as the heavy and the irrepressable Bruce Campbell as Our Hero.

Mostly noxious garbage, this B-flick has a few redeeming features. Did I mention Bruce Campbell? That would be redeeming feature number-one-with-a-bullet. Distant runners up would be above-par acting from the entire crew, a decent story, and the rare female lead in a science fiction flick.

Judy, Our Heroine, has grown tired of living in her virtual reality womb. Life is easy in Inworld, because noone goes outside into the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland and everyone stays jacked in. Not Judy. She unplugs and ventures forth, soon finding a Masonesque clan that pretty much constitutes the pinnacle of non-VR society.

The film is hamstrung by a weak third act (nice swordfight, though) and an absolutely stomach-churning act of infantile cannibalism. Strictly for Deadites or fans of the genre.

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