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This is only a test!

If this were a real life, it would have come with instructions and the pain you have expereinced would have been accompanied by a sense of purpose. This is only a test. This has been a message of the Christian Broadcasting Service.

Information wants to be free. (Can knowledge desire? Can reason be separated from emotion?) This is so because networks of information converge towards states of greater coherence: successful ideas aggregate into concepts as successful pairings of elements aggregate into molecules. Memes that stick, stay; those that don't merely pass away. 2+2=5 had it's day in the sun, and apart from obscure curved-space examples and the odd Dostoyevsky reference, it has died as an idea upon our lips. Dormant memes are unread history, active memes are vocal culture--this is the natural selection of the mind.

Each of us (certainly anyone conscious of these words) is a local instance of Mind, our own personal Storymind. The aggregate of memes we have acquired in the course of our individual lives (in short: our memory) populates the characters and sets of our minds' private movies, the stories our unconscious and emotions tell us through the filter of our perceptions. Every mind is an ongoing tale of the ultimate protagonist, the Self, and her or his perennial foil, the Other. Figure/ground relationships dominate. Conflicts may be internal, or between self and environment, but most (the most interesting, at least) are interpersonal in nature. Save monks and other madmen, our minds are mostly populated by thoughts of other people.

Gin causes pain.

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