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Everything is ready for this night. Quite worth the all-nighter. I better take my Penguins, and my glasses in case my contacts start irritating my eyes. I pass by a clock and suddenly remember that the guys were going to pick me up at eight. Well, hell. I play around with things to pass the time, and decide to see whether the tely can entertain me.

The Who - The Seeker

Click. Click. Click. Gregory Peck on AMC. Pretty good movie, The Gunfighter. One of those good early Western films. The gunfighter is the best of his class, and he's trying to quit. He's tired of kids chasing him around trying to beat them. It only means death in the end.

Johnny Cash - The Last Gunfighter Ballad

Bunch of advertisements for crap, that no one wants. The required ad for reminding people to keep their land clean. That's right.. let's use one piece of garbage to clean up another.

Pete Seeger - Garbage

I think I recognize this episode of Law and Order. Something about the teacher kidnapping a child. It's alright. I mean, it's got to be better than Magnum P.I., right?

Elvis Costello - Watching the Detectives

VH1 shows some special on the Beatles. I get the part that talks about Yoko Ono and her effect on the band. I've seen this once before.

Centro-Matic - Rock and Roll Eyes

Catch Threesome on some extra channel. Thought this would be too racy for their tastes. Another movie that proves that Stephen Baldwin can act. Of course, in this one he's playing quite the fool.

Divine Comedy - Generation Sex

Oh, fun. Video Justice. Good ol' fashioned reality tv. My good, I mean bad. By reality, I, of course, mean fake. After all, all things are lies.

Admiral Twin - The Unlucky Ones

More information on the fact that the government isn't breaking up Microsoft. They start making refernces to other possible monoplies being created. The electric companies in California get mentioned.

The Adventures of Jet - End of the Planet

Swingers? Must be a fairly good night for movies. I'll be doing better than movies tonight, though. Why waste time here on the couch, when much more interesting things wait outside.

Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure

I get barraged by a bunch of fashion commercials. Thousands of products. Thermasilk, Herbal Essence, that hair removing gel thing. That's right, faithful viewers, we can make you into THIS!

The Happiness Factor - Everything's a Lie

Getting a little tired of these random blasts, I look to see if I still have the tv guide. Probably someone already threw it out. All I uncover are some of my comics that I left on the coffee table. Watchmen and V for Vendetta catch my eye, as bad pop music plays on MTV.

Pop Will Eat Itself - Can U Dig It?

I catch a bit of Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott's rendition of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Blade Runner. Scott should've never allowed Ford to have so much control over the movie. Could've been better. Could've been more depressing.

Chomsky - Utopia

Ooh.. Gospel Hour. Fun. I always like to see people get their money swindled away from them.

John Cale - Hallelujah

More commercials. You have to love cable tv. Pass by some sensationalistic news. What other kind of news is there anymore?

Don McLean - Prime Time

It takes me awhile, but I hear some honking outside. Excellent. Turn off the TV on some commercial using some Louis Armstrong music. A shame.

The Seatbelts - Tank!

I grab my bag, and head outside. Get into the backseat, and we're ready for the night.

Nick Drake - Road

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