A song recorded by Tricky which basically lifted the beats from his previous single "Money Greedy" but used different lyrics.

The song was recorded as a rant against his US label Polygram and most of the song goes like this...

Polygram! You fu**ing niggaz! (Repeat)

What prompted this vitriol? Apparently, Polygram's then-president, Eric Kronfeld, had made a statement saying that if all of the black employess of Polygram with criminal records were fired, there would be none left.

After thinking about what he had done, Tricky decided not to release the song to the public, although copies had been leaked to some radio stations and MTV. However, bootlegs soon prevailed and the song became somewhat of a legend among his fans and the media. The song was officially released to the public on his "Mission Accomplished" EP this year.

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