Millard Fuller is the founder and president of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI). He graduated from Auburn University in Alabama and the University of Alabama Law School at Tuscaloosa.

He and a friend started a marketing firm at 24, and became a millionaire by 29. His dedication and hard work had helped him accomplish his goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, but the same 16-hour workdays and hard work resulted in a detiorated relationship with his wife and children. Because of this, Linda Fuller, Millard's wife left him, leaving their two kids with him, forcing Millard to work less to care for his children.

Shortly after Linda's departure, Millard joined her in New York where they decided to sell their possessions and donate everything to charity. They then went and stayed at Koinonia Farm near Americus, Georgia, a Christian community where Habitat for Humanity was born.

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