One of the ingenious characters invented by Jasper Carrot (the show, Canned Carrot) was this strange fellow who drunk a lot of milk.

He bathed in milk and spoke its wonders with a passion rarely seen these-days for anything but Hot Grits.

One day he had 60 litres of milk delivered to his house and put into a tub. He drunk some, sat in it, climbed out and got back in issuing away the delivering men, "that's some nice milk, that is". He decided to bath in it - but really his secret desire was to live in it.

He woke up the next day in a 200 kilogram block of chedder.

Milky milky.

This comic creation, played by Hugh Dennis, was actaully called "Mr Strange". He is, of course, famous for the catchphrase with which he ended most of his sketches: milky milky.

My favourite quote:

I've never had a girlfriend. Well I did once,
She wanted a French Kiss.
I said I prefer Belgian Kisses
They're like French Kisses - but with more phlegm.
Milky milky.

"Milky Milky (Take Me to the Fridge)" - a pop single recorded by Hugh Dennis under the guise of the character Mister Strange.

The title track featured Mister Strange rapping to an electronic (think Pet Shop Boys) backing, and featured in the encore to Punt and Dennis' Milky Milky Tour (Oct-Nov 1992) that was running at the time (coinciding with another tour of (former-) Mary Whitehouse Experience screenmates Baddiel and Newman). [According to the tour guide, Punt and Dennis were also featured on the Jasper Carrott Show and Me, You and Him]

The B-side was another similarly-rappy number concerning the "Sadness" of annoying people/things; it lacked any of the "chartability" of the A-side, however.

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