In one episode of the television series All In The Family, Meathead (Rob Reiner) and Gloria (Sally Struthers) learned that Archie Bunker (Carrol O'Connor) had left town but didn't tell anybody why. Then they found a picture of Archie with this woman, and investigated. Jumping to conclusions and following undependable rumors, they eventually discovered that the woman's name was Mildred "Boom Boom" Turner, that she frequented the same bar Archie did, and that she was allegedly out of town too. So naturally they thought Archie was having an affair with Boom Boom, although the thought of it was rather disturbing to them. Reluctantly, they approached Archie's wife Edith Bunker (Maureen Stapleton) about this, and Edith took this knowledge that her husband was having an affair with another woman strangely well, but then Edith was always a rather strange bird. In the end they meet Boom Boom and find out the whole thing was a misunderstanding and Boom Boom had no desires or interest in Archie.

The poignant and uncomfortable end of the episode is when we learn why Edith was tolerant of Archie's alleged liason. She had been worried about Archie. When she learned he was with Boom Boom, at least then she knew where he was. Then she learns he's not with anybody, which just makes her worry even more.

Anyway, throughout the episode everybody referred to the mysterious other woman as Boom Boom. Why? Cuz she had big ta-tas. By the end of the episode we learn the character's full name. I just feel it's appropriate and fair that the name be documented somewhere.

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