1947 - 1975

A famous French singer. Mike Brant was the James Dean of early 70's French pop music.

Originally named Moshe Brand, born on February 1, 1947 in Nicosy, Cyprus, and moved to the region of Israel a few months later with his family. His parents were worried at first, since their young boy didn't make a sound. Only at age 6 he began talking. At age 16, Brand adopted the nickname Mike, and started appearing with a local neighborhood band that his younger 13 years old brother, Tzvika, had set up. The band performed gigs at small clubs and hotels in Haifa, Tel-Aviv, and Eilat. Though Brand demonstrated a talented charming voice, his family didn't encourge him to start a singing career, and even resented it.

Brand tried to develop a signing career in Israel, but failed to do so. Brand also experienced various jobs, from Museum attendant to sale-person. Finally at the age of 17, he decides to study dramatic art and dedicate himself to it. However Brand was attracted to music and spent hours singing along with a pianist. Joining a local band named Karmon, Brand started to perform in other countries such as Iran. In Iran he gained popularity and it was there where the French artist Carlos, introduced him to the producer Jean Renard. In 1969, officially changing his name to Mike Brant, he signed his first contract and Renard produced Brant's first successful hit - Laisse Moi T'aimer. Mike Brant's hansom look, smile and voice, along his romantic and melodic songs, caught the attention of the French people, allowing him to receive an idol status and become famous and popular in France. Brant released 3 top selling albums.

In 1973, Brant returned to Israel in concern for the war and the country's struggle, and later left for a tour in Germany. On November 1974 in Geneva he tried to commit suicide and failed. Though his career was successful, his personal situation deteriorated and he felt deep depression. On April 25, 1975, Brant committed suicide by jumping from the top of his building in Paris. A few years later his manager, Simon Waintrop, also committed suicide. Brant was burried in Haifa, Israel.


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