The Mighty Blue Kings (MBK) are a blues/jazz band from Chicago. They have influences from a broad range of music and it can be heard in what they play. For the most part they stick to a 1940s-style of play, but with what they call modern "sensibilities." Personally I really like this band. While some have predicted good things for this band they have yet to "hit it big." No matter they play what they want and seem to be very popular in the Windy City.

MBK started in 1994 and was originally comprised of Ross Bon (vocals), Gareth Best (guitar), Jerry "Big J" DeVivo (sax), Sam Burckhardt (sax), Jimmy Sutton (bass), Bob Carter (drums), and Donny Nichilo (piano). They played the local clubs of Chicago and quickly became the regular bad at the Green Mill (a popular jazz club). They toured for a time and then released Meet Me in Uptown on their own label R-Jay Records in 1996. In 1997 they signed with Work Records and released Come One, Come All.

At this point the band changed the line up a little to Bon, Best, DeVivo (on drums), Clark Sommers (bass), Chris Foreman (Hammond B3), John Sandfort (sax). With this line-up the released Live From Chicago in 1998. A great recording of a live show of theirs. In 2000 they released a Christmas album A Mighty Blue Christmas, a collection of classic and obscure Christmas songs along with a few MBK originals.

MBK currently is (according to their website) Ross Bon (vocals), Gareth Best (guitar), Jerry DeVivo (drums), Pete Benson (Hammond B3), Scott Burns (sax), Tito Carrillo (trumpet), Chris Foreman (Hammond B3), John Sandfort (sax), and Matt Thompson (bass).

A Mighty Blue Christmas -- R-Jay Records (2000)
Live from Chicago -- Tristar Records (1998)
Come One, Come All -- R-Jay Records (1997)
Meet Me in Uptown -- R-Jay Records (1996)

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