I am on the last night before I fly out to Grand Rapids to see Shmuel. Due to the freaky layover and early AM flight, I am trying to stay up for most of the night. I am at my office and the cleaning ladies are finishing up. It's about quarter to one in the morning. When I first came in, she was in the front office, sleeping.

My friend and co-worker, Sandi, is meeting me here at 5am so we can get a quick bite to eat at Denny's before she drops me off at the airport. I hope to sleep until Pittsburg.

On the way out to the suburbs from New Orleans, the only cars on the road are being driven by either slightly drunk older people or slightly hyperactive younger people. Both are on their way to a place that will either end or begin their night. The younger ones have odd colored headlights and alot of bass in their speakers. The older ones drive too slow. And I, with my filthy windshield and thick glasses, am puttering along as best I can. Nothing is open but everything is lit up, like a neon cemetery. It's dark and yet, bright orange in places. No breeze, no trees, no sound.

Now I know why I live behind the French Quarter and commute.

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