Microsoft moving to Canada is a total myth. It ranks somewhere lower in the "less likely" scale than the Loch Ness Monster jumping out of your latte in the morning. I remember when the idea came up in Seattle. It brought up quite a stir, for those who worked for Microsoft, and those who didn't.

I spoke to a news reporter on the "day" the story broke. She was a friend of mine that I had met around town through a few acquaintances. "Are you actually covering this?" I sarcastically asked. "There are tens of thousands of people there. A place like Microsoft can't just pick up and move everything."

Her response to me was a simple shrug. "I know", she added, "but it's news, and we are sorta bound to cover it. It will be just another myth in a week anyway."

Her prophecy, of course came true. Microsoft can't move to Canada. I also found it interesting that a member of the press for once actually came forward and bascially said "Hey, crap sells. People love rumors." I have a lot of respect for her honesty.

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