A Japanese line of toys from Takara, in scale with the real world. The story was that the Micromen were 8 centimeter tall soldiers defending the earth from the also 8 centimeter tall Acroyers. They have all sorts of weapons and robots. The original Microman line was released in Japan in the 1970s, and some Microman toys were released in the United States in the 1980s as "Micronauts" (Though the Micronauts also included Takara's Jeeg toy, and a variety of new molds). The Microman line spawned Microchange, a line of household items that turned into robots to help the Micromen. Microchange line included the toys that became Transformers such as Megatron, Blaster, Soundwave, the cassette Transformers, Perceptor, and basically any other Transformer that turned into something in scale with the real world.

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