The Micro Pop. Ah. The juicy fruity goodness! This little gem of a quiescently frozen confection is one of the latest innovations to grace U.S. grocers' freezers from those busy little nogoodniks at Good Humor. But what are they? I hear you cry. Well! a Micro Pop is a paper cone, sealed at the top with foil. Inside - ah, inside! - is a wonderful collection of small, roughly circular bits of ice, in three flavors: lemon, blue raspberry and strawberry. These granules of tasty treat are all mixed up, and have been frozen into said paper tube for your eager consumption.

The Micro Pop in its natural habitat tends to form family groups of six. They are all identical, but all are different. They are your friends! They are the perfect after-meal snack, the perfect hot day relief, or the perfect child's treat!

Buy them! Eat them! That is, if you can find grocer can't keep 'em in stock. Maybe being next to an enormous nursery has something to do with that.

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