A CORBA ORB for C++, distributed under GPL.

It's pretty good at what it does - though I remember that earlier it had severe problems with compilation requirements (compiling old GNOME with no X running and 32 megs of memory and small swap space was just plain impossible). I hope it has improved (a lot of blame went to gcc, which wasn't that optimal with C++ at the time...)

MICO was used in GNOME, until they developed an ORB of their own (ORBit). MICO is being now used in KDE and a lot of other C++-based open source projects.

Home page: http://www.mico.org/

Mi"co (?), n. [Sp. or Pg. mico.] Zool.

A small South American monkey (Mico melanurus), allied to the marmoset. The name was originally applied to an albino variety.


© Webster 1913.

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