Mike Pinder was born on Dec 27, 1941, in Birmingham, England.
As a founding member, keyboard player, and singer of the Moody Blues, Mike Pinder was a key influence on progressive rock in the late 60's and early 70's. As one of the first musicians to use the electronic keyboard instrument the Mellotron, which synthesizes orchestral sounds, Pinder was the model for musicians who would later put the instrument to use, including Barclay James Harvest's Woolly Wolstenholme, and Blue Weaver of the Strawbs,

With the Moodies, Pinder created amazingly full and melodic sounds and beautiful pieces of music with the mellotron. The sounds created through his techniques created such huge sounds that the speakers onstage actually produced wind. His techiniques with the instrument were so refined and uniqe that they earned the press nickname "Pinder-trons". During the group's temporary berakup in teh mid-70's, Pinder recorded a solo album, The Promise, one of New Age music's seminal albums. He returned to the Moodies for one last album, (Octave), and then retired, wanting to take life slowly rather than go on yet another world tour. More recently, Pinder has written and released several more albums of New Age muisic on his own One Step label. These include A Planet With One Mind and A People With One Heart, both based on mythologies drawn from different cultures around the world. Pinder was one of only a few great melotron players in classic rock, and managed to obtain exquisite sounds from the difficult instrument.

With the Moody Blues: Solo Records:

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