The second album by the Moody Blues, or the third, depending on who's counting. It is a concept album about hallucinogens, including an ode to Timothy Leary (Ledgend of a Mind). Arguably out-dated, the alum does include a large number of "signs of the times"- a massive yantra on the inside of the leaf, for instance, the inclusion of very sitar-esque guitar parts, and the final track OM, which surpasses even George Harrison's Within You, Without You in neat quasi-Indian strangeness.

On the whole, it is a totally likeable album. Ray Thomas's flute playing is absolutely phenomenal, and Mike Pinder manages to create an entire orchestra out of the mellotron. Also, the cover art by painter Philip Travers is awesome. The album was released on Deram Records in 1968, and was produced by Tony Clarke.


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