To Mexicanize could also be "To refer to all people of apparent Central American Ethnic background as Mexican." This happens constantly in the Western and Southern United States. In New York you might also notice every person of this general skin tone as being "Puerto Rican", and in Florida, note that everyone of this basic skin tone must, of course, be Cuban. What else could they be?

For an extensive list of countries these people may or may not come from see the list in "usamerica". Add Spain and countless others to that list.

Mex"i*can*ize (?), v. t.

To cause to be like the Mexicans, or their country, esp. in respect of frequent revolutions of government.


© Webster 1913.

Mex"i*can*ize, v. i.

To become like the Mexicans, or their country or government.


© Webster 1913.

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