The Method of Loci is a tool ideally suited to memorizing lists or sequential facts. The method relies on your near perfect knowledge of a particular familiar location like your home or office. You then assign images or objects to each object in the list and place those objects around a given location. Confusing? Here's an example.

Say I need to remember a short grocery list. The list could be lettuce, milk, cookies, Coke, apples and spam. Now say I work at a department store, Macy's for example. I would, in my mind's eye as I walk through the store, place the lettuce on a shoe display, place milk on a cashiers booth, put cookies in the first changing room, put a Coke bottle in the Junior Miss sale rack, spill apples all over the men's dress shirt section, and put a can of spam in the hands of one of those mannequins.

Now, as I mentally walk through the store, I would see all of the object and remember them. This works for larger lists as well, and with a few rehearsals you can memorize really long lists for years at a time.

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