There's much debate over which breed of spatula is the more effective one Rubber or Metal. I, along with the vast majority of spatula users would choose to use a metal spatula at all times.

Aesthetically, Metal is significantly more durable and practical. It doesn't scratch as easily. The grooves a rubber spatula will develop after much usage make it less appealing to want to use. Micro rubber particles can even get into your food. Metal spatulas are infinitely easier to clean and stay looking clean a lot longer. Rubber spatulas will inevitably discolour, again, making it less appealing.

In terms of effectiveness: on a Metal spatuala, the edge is crisper and generally sharper, making it much smoother when you need to slip it under that sticky or burnt-to-a-crisp mess in your pan. A Rubber spatula will do the job, but for those toughies, yer likely to end up with a mess.

Let's throw kink into the equation. Metal spatulas absorb and hold temperature variations much better than Rubber ones. So, if you feel like spanking someone with a spatula and you want to put a twist on it, throw that Metal spatula in the freezer for a few minutes and then gently caress their skin with it right before you let 'em have it. I personally think Metal spatulas have a better swing and sting to them than Rubber ones to begin with.

Love your spatulas, Metal or Rubber. Just don't go Plastic.

This node was created in honour of moJoe, a fellow Metal spatuala afficianado.

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