Menards is a hardware and home improvement franchise in the Midwest. Its spokesperson is an old guy who looks like a cross between Donahue and John Madden. He is very enthusiastic about how much money he saves at Menards. His trite comments are placed above banjo music. Although he was dropped and replaced by a girl with really big, square glasses, he has come back to do a couple more commercials. Long live Menards guy.

The Menards Guy was not dropped. He was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a more-or-less permanent hiatus from the ads.

His real name is Ray Szmanda, and he is a legend. He smiles.. er.. grins with his teeth, and shouts stuff like "Save BIG on BATTERIES from RAYOVAC!!!" We all love the Ray, and we hope he's alright.

A picture of the Menards Guy:

Listen to Michael Feldman interview Ray at

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