I can remember the first day that Marty Phelps and I started to get close. My friend, my gay friend, Woody, started to hit on him. Marty was very cool about it. He wasn't interested in Woody, but he didn't flip out or anything, he was actually quite funny in handling Woody's advances. But I took it upon myself to defend Marty's manliness and I wrapped my arm around Marty's waist and quite firmly told Woody to get his "hands off my man". Marty said, yeah, get your hands off Debbie's man! Shortly thereafter, I began to tease Marty because he hadn't washed his hair in the last two days or so. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, I was just teasing him a little. Well, I did hurt his feelings and I felt so bad that I went into my room, grabbed my bottle of shampoo and Marty, and we both got in the shower, fully clothed and washed our hair! It was so much fun! I wanted to kiss him so badly!:)

In fact, I wanted to kiss him so badly that I decided then and there that this man would be mine. But I was so shy and Marty was so funny and so beautiful, I didn't know how I would ever be able to get him. So one night I decided that I would get wasted, find him and make him mine:) Well, I drank a little bit, not a lot, just enough to get my nerve up and went out to find him. I found him in the TV room (Doug and Todd's room) getting ready to watch movies. When I walked in the room I couldn't believe my luck! The only seat op en in the entire room was the one next to my Marty! So I sat down next to him and started watching the first movie, Beauty and the Beast. Sometime during the movie the third person on the couch got up and left so I laid down on the couch with my head resting on Marty's lap. I was a very comfortable, happy pers on. When the movie ended the room cleared out, leaving just Marty and I. He moved his arm and while doing so he just barely brushed my nose with his elbow, and I said ow! He looked down at me with this wonderful smile and said "I'm sorry. Let me kiss that and make it better." And then he lightly kissed the tip of my nose and ever so smoothly moved to kiss me full on the lips! It was a kiss you only read about in romance novels, let me tell you:) Damn, could that man kiss!

more memories of Marty

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