Game, somewhat in the same vein as Mornington Crescent, though not as obscure. The object of the game is to say 'Melbury Bub!', which is (apparently) the name of a small village somewhere in the UK. Players take it in turns to name places in the UK, with the succession rule being that you must name a place whose name begins with the letter that the last one ended with. Obviously, if you want to win, avoid place-names ending in 'M'. However, Hesitation, Repetition and Deviation are frowned upon (and may cause you to have to drink, if you're playing in the pub), so think fast!

The game was popularised, if that's the word, by a stint on Classic FM's morning show with Nick Bailey.

Having played the game with my younger brothers on car journeys, I should point out the essential nature of the Halifax rule, which says 'Saying Halifax is cheating!'.

In other parts of the world, choose another funny placename, such as Truth or Consequences, and go for it!

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