Meg-lo Mart is the ficticious Big Box Retailer that Hank Hill and his buddies like to shop at in Arlen, Texas on the animated TV show King of the Hill, although they don't always like to admit it. Meg-lo Mart is basicly a thinly disguised Wal-Mart, but the store also has a few characteristics of a Warehouse Club, such as Sams Club or Costco. This was used to comic effect in the episode when a tornado threatened to whisk away Luanne's trailer. While racing to rescue Luanne ahead of the twister, Hank's truck breaks down just across the street from the Meg-lo Mart. Inside is pandemonium as people scurry for supplies in a panic. Hank fights someone for the last pack of 12 fuel filters to repair his ailing truck when the package breaks open. When he gets to the register, the cashier refuses to sell just one filter to him, despite the fact that everyone else in line wanted one as well. Since the package was opened, she refused to sell the package because it was opened.

Other comic moments involving Meg-lo Mart included the store blowing up during its grand opening, killing Chuck Mangione, after an incompetent employee mishandled propane inside the store. This incident vindicated Hank Hill who had lost his job at Strickland Propane because of Meg-lo Mart's predatory pricing. Another one is when the guy who owns the bait and tackle shop complains that Meg-lo Mart is running him out of business, but we see he is actually reselling stuff he had brought there.

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